The Fables about Phone Charging

In this day and age, our cellular devices are as mounted on us as our heads. We carry our smart phones everywhere, as well as those of us who invest a sizable portion of our time at the office, having fast and convenient accessibility to workplace phone chargers is a prerequisite. But convenience is lost whenever we have reoccurring concerns concerning the security of y our mobile phones while charging at the job. Listed below are three debunked fables about charging your phone at the job, to aid ease your mind.

Myth 1: If kept plugged in, my phone will overcharge and damage the battery.

Let’s say a meeting is had by you that last longer than anticipated? Or what if you go out to lunch and would like to leave your phone behind to charge? Much concern in these situations if the phone is remaining to overcharge, permanent injury to battery pack might occur. However, there’s great. When a contemporary Smartphone is totally re charged, it understands when you should stop the present from arriving to prevent overcharging

(1). the average Smartphone these days utilizes lithium-ion batteries, which cannot be overcharged

(2). Therefore worry  not you can leave it charged for a long period of time without worrying about overcharging and your battery will be as healthy as ever if you need to attend a long conference call or lunch meeting, or just want some time away from your phone to focus on work.

Verdict: Your mobile device is SMART and understands when you should stop charging you.

Myth 2: Phones overheat and there is nothing we can do about this.

Okay, this one we really need to pay focus on. Lithium-ion batteries can respond defectively to elevated temperatures and charging your phone does raise that temperature. However the news that is good the answer to this issue is very easy. Even though the electric batteries within our mobile phones are proven to overheat, this only tends to occur if you have a case that is protective the device that will not enable the temperature to escape. If you need to leave it charging on its own for a little while if you have a heavy-duty case on your device, make sure to take it off before charging especially.


Verdict: take away the phone that is defensive before charging to stay away from concerns of over-heating.

Myth 3: If I leave my phone alone in my own office, it could get hacked.

Ideally you work with a host where you could trust your colleagues. But perhaps you have had a big office where you don’t know everybody else well. Or maybe more realistically, your work friends like trying to hack into the phone simply to wreak havoc on you. Get the final laugh by securing your phone with a pass code combination. Or take it a step more, with the addition of a fingerprint scanner. Practically all modern iPhone and Android designs have easy-to-install fingerprint scanners that ensure the just individual with accessibility your phone is you. Proper safety methods can bust this misconception quickly.

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